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To be able to digitally reproduce components, or to confidently determine design intent, the instruments we use are unquestionably accurate. This makes professional 3D scanners a crucial element in the reverse engineering toolbox, whether for product improvement, reconstruction, design augmentation, or a range of other use cases.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse-engineering-1024x1024 (1).png
scan sample-Reverse-Engineering3.png

Reference Model

A reference model often referred to as a NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) model is one of the lowest levels of reverse engineering we can offer. As the name suggests, this level of processing directly references the scan data by automatically creating a patchwork surface model.

Design changes to the prototype

We will help you to make the desired changes in the object digitally for reviewing and editing without the need to manufacture it

Parametric CAD

When we parametrically reverse engineer your parts, we use a specialised CAD programs. This CAD software lets us directly reference our highly accurate scan data to ensure a precise CAD model. Throughout the reverse engineering process, we constantly inspect the deviation level between scan and CAD with a visual +- heat map.

Computer reconstruction

With the help of scanning of the damaged object and CAD programs, we can restore its integrity in digital for subsequent processing

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