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The services we provide

3D Laser Scanning

  • Complex geometry surface check

  • 3D detail scanning 

  • high-precision scanning of medium-sized details

  • high-precision digitization of art objects

  • non-destructive non-contact testing

  • scan-based virtual assembly

  • determination of geometry and position deviation in sections

Reverse Engineering

  • 3D modeling based on scanned data

  • designing of surface and solid models

  • 3D modeling of industrial facilities

  • creation of design documentation for the details

  • making design changes to the prototype

  • computer reconstruction of lost elements

3D Geometry Measurement

  • 3D part measurement services

  • reconciliation and control of the assembly positions

  • comparison of part geometry with CAD model

  • 3D geometry control of finished products

  • measurements of the relative position of parts and assemblies

  • comparison of detail geometry with a reference sample

2D and 3D Designing

  • Creation of drawings from CAD models and parts

  • creation of CAD models according to drawings and sketches

  • digitization of sketches and drawings

  • design and construction of parts and assemblies

3D Printing and Prototyping

  • 3D printing using different materials

  • printing any products from equipment parts to custom decor items

  • manufacturing according to drawings, an existing object or your draft ideas

  • preparing ready model for printing

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