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High quality 3D engineering

Professional 3D Solutions under one roof

Perfect choice for:


​Metalwork ind.


Plastic ind.

Wood ind.

3D printing


​Car tuning

Goods digitization


​Interior digitization 



Virtual museums






Modeling (planes, ships, cars etc.)

Military tactical games (paintball, airsoft)

Accessories for sport, camping, fishing&hunting)

Gaming and board games

Collectibles and trophies

Why us:

Our company offers a wide range of engineering services like 3D scanning, drafting, designing and 3D printing. 

We know how to find the individual approach to each work. 

Using our skills and up to date equipment, we can bring your ideas into life.

Modern technologies allow us to do the job  quickly and qualitatively  for an affordable price.

Services we provide:

2D & 3D Design modeling

  • Creation of engineering drawings based on CAD models and physical parts

  • CAD modeling based on customer's drafts and designs

  • Digitization of existing drawings

  • Design and construction of single parts and assemblies

3D Laser Scanning

  • Complex geometry surface control

  • Mechanical parts scanning 

  • High-precision scanning of objects up to the size of a car

  • Scanning of workshops and large-sized facility

  • Virtual tours for hotels and apartments

  • Determination of geometry and position deviation in sections

Reverse Engineering

  • 3D modeling based on scanned data

  • Designing of surface and solid models

  • 3D modeling of industrial equipment

  • Creation of engineering documentation

  • Making changes to design of a prototype

  • Digital reconstruction of lost elements

3D geometry Inspection 

  • 3D part measurement services

  • Reconciliation and control of an assembly positions

  • Comparison of existing part geometry with CAD model

  • Control of geometry of finished products

  • Measurements of the relative position of parts and assemblies

  • Comparison of detail geometry with a reference sample

3D Printing & Prototyping

  • 3D PLA, ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF printing

  • Printing of complex geometry objects

  • Manufacturing based on drawings, existing objects or drafts

  • Preparing customer's model for printing

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