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Laser Scanning

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Laser scanners are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of the surface profile, position, displacement, dimensions, sorting, 3D scanning. Using high accuracy laser scanner its possible to get even the most complex geometry for further reverse engineering or other uses

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3D detail scanning 

We offer services for high-precision (accuracy up to 0.05 mm) or low-precision scanning of small and medium-sized objects. For reflective and uniform surfaces, we use special markers and professional sprays to achieve the best results.

Scan-based virtual assembly

Streamline and speed up your assembly process with a simplified QI plan.

Full-color texture 

We also use professional hardware and software for capturing object's color and texture. This creates numerous new possibilities for designers, marketers and creators. 

Composite inspection

3D quality inspection allows you to build quickly and with confidence, even when combining dissimilar materials.

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